Worldwide wine production drop while consumption is stable, said OIV.

The International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) has published its annual statistics on consumption and production in the wine industry.

Compared to 2015, worldwide production has dropped by 3 per cent. Italy is in first place (50.9 million hl), followed by France (43.5 million hl) and Spain (39.9 million hl). In South America, wine production was affected by bad climatic conditions, with a significant drop in production in Argentina, Chile, Brazil and South America.

Wine consumption is stable. With 242 million hl of wine being drunk across the world, consumption has not increased since 2009. The USA is highest (31.8 million hl), followed by France (27 million hl), Italy (22.5 million hl), Germany (20.2 million hl) and China (17.3 million hl). Wine consumption in the USA and China has increased, while France and Spain have remained stable.

In general, world trade saw a small drop in volume (-1.2 per cent) and an increase in value of 2 per cent to €29 billion.