[Interview] Chinese liquor market by Wei Chen

Wei CHEN, the founder of Vinoteca, a chain bar of wine in Chengdu (China) and the creator of a musician Wine project. Shares with us his view on the China Wine & Spirits market and trends. 

VINEXPO: Can you make a self-Introduction?

WEI CHEN: “Our company is Chengdu Wei Nuoka Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. I am the founder Our company have two brands, one is our offline retail brand, a chain bar of wine called VINOTECA and the other is the musician wine project we did in 2014. In fact, this is an imported wine project that we co-operation with global musicians to build some new wine brands”

VINEXPO: How do you see the development of Chinese liquor market and what will be the consumption trends? 

WC: “The Chinese wine market is actually going through an adjustment period in 2015. The original government procurement, “group-on” consumption, and relations consumption are slowly being replaced by normal market behaviors. Now a younger market, a healthier way of sales, and a more comprehensive market channel is slowly developing here. I think this is a very good direction. Since young people tend to consume more and more on wine, I think young, fashion, personalization will be a big trend. We find that in our own wine bar VINOTECA. Most consumers were born after 1990 love to consume this stylish wine bar than drinking at home. Meanwhile, one of our objectives of holding the wine musician program in this star endorsements and co-sponsorship way is to push young people pay attention to these comparatively fashion and young wine brands.”

VINEXPO: Why you attend Vinexpo? What kind of experience make you interested in visiting Vinexpo again?

WC:“There are three biggest harvests we gain via attending Vinexpo. The first is to learn more about the worldwide wine market dynamics and new developments. The second is we do our selection for VINOTECA wine list. Many chain bars have become direct importers which is also a trend in the future. The third is that we want to have face-to-face contact with the winemakers and winery owners. To discover new story for next season’s wine musician program and discover new people, new wineries, as well as new things.These are the three most important reasons of our attendance. 

I have attended the 2014 Hong Kong Vinexpo, and the 2015 Bordeaux Vinexpo and I will attend this year’s Vinexpo in Hong Kong again. For me, the one-stop service provided, high specified theme activities held as well as the most comprehensive support services available anytime. All attract me to attend Vinexpo. 

This year, both our wine bar and wine musician project will have a comprehensive large-scale importing work and Vinexpo is very important to our wine selection process.”