A wave of frost in Europe

France and Europe have been damaged by a very cold wave with frost in some regions.

In Champagne, temperatures have dropped below zero overnight and -6 degrees were recorded last week. This combination of prolonged severe frosts is fatal for the young buds.

The estimated losses are 23% of the potential of 2017 in Côte des Blancs, 35-40% in Montagne de Reims and 15 to 20% in Vallée de la Marne.

The Aude regions, in Minervois, IGP and around Narbonne are dramatically affected. It is too early to have some details but the vineyard was affected from 30% to 100% of its superficies.

In Jura, the losses are estimated to fall between 30% and 90% in AOC Château-Chalon. With -2°C, the buds have not resisted.

In Pouilly-sur-Loire, temperatures fell to -5°C for six hours with a first estimation of a 30% decrease in the size of the 2017 vintage.

In Chinon too, 20% of the vines have been affected.

In Bordeaux, temperatures of -3°C swept the vineyards. Losses between 50% and 100% are estimated by professionals.

In Europe too, the frost resulted in damage. In Switzerland, the region Valais saw temperatures drop below the freezing point. Five-hundred-and-fifty hectares were affected.