According to CNNMoney, Vivino’s founder and CEO Heini Zachariasen said that wine worth over $40 million has been sold through Vivino . “Wine is a $300 billion industry and if you look at the online part of wine, e-commerce, it’s still very, very small,” said Zachariasen to CNNMoney.

In 2016, ShipCompliant and Wines Vines Analytics showed that less than 4% of US wine sales were shipped directly from producers to consumers. The rest was sold in “offline” establishments.

Zachariasen believes retail can be disrupted in the same way that Amazon changed how consumers buy books,” said CNNMoney.

“Suddenly it’s better to buy it at home than in the store, and that shift is going to happen in wine too,” Zachariasen said. “This data has never been available before; now it is, so that’s going to change.”