Vinexpo Explorer, Vinexpo group’s latest initiative

Vinexpo launches Vinexpo Explorer, a yet unprecedented event for the wine and spirits industry, the first chapter of which will take place in Austria. The two-day event combines the exploration of a vineyard, business meetings, tastings and networking. Every year, Vinexpo will carefully select 100 international top buyers, from its long-established database, who best suit the criteria and export objectives defined by the host country.
“Vinexpo Explorer is a unique approach, a new way of doing business”, announces Guillaume Deglise“Whilst representing a revolutionary concept for the wine and spirits trade, it also marks a turn in the orientation of Vinexpo group. With our major trade fairs in Bordeaux, Hong Kong, Tokyo and now Vinexpo Explorer we offer a complete range to satisfy buyers’, producers’, and wine and spirits retailers’ needs. “
The key elements of Vinexpo Explorer are the presence of 100 international top buyers, efficient networking, and opportunities for striking import deals combined with the personal experience of an up and coming wine region.

The first chapter of Vinexpo Explorer, will take place on September 11 and 12, 2017 in Austria and is co-organized in partnership with the Austrian Wine Marketing Board.

Willi Klinger, Managing director of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board says, “We are thrilled to host the first edition of Vinexpo Explorer in Austria. Thanks to the diversity and multifaceted character of our wines, we have managed to be in the mind of top sommeliers and wine lovers around the world. Participating in Vinexpo Explorer will enhance our notoriety with international top buyers and sustain our efforts in becoming a must-have category on the global map of wine origins.”

The creation of Vinexpo Explorer confirms Vinexpo’s role as the leading partner of the wine and spirits industry. After Austria, future chapters of Vinexpo Explorer could take place in regions such as the Douro valley, Sonoma, Australia, Greece or the Languedoc.

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