Trendy Spirits

In the international wine and spirits trade, Germany is first and foremost renowned as the producer of the famous Riesling wines. Yet, besides being one of the world’s greatest wine and beer producing nations, Germany is also producing some outstanding spirits and is currently showing a particular sense for innovation and trends in the niche spirits category.

Lately the super fashionable made-in-Germany Schwarzwald dry Gin Monkey 47 had such tremendous success, that Pernod Ricard’s German subsidiary even bought major stakes in its producing company Black Forest Distillers.
Monkey 47 which seduces its fans with a blend of 47 handpicked botanicals, has gained a global following since its launch in 2011, and is now available in 50 countries across four continents.
Rare and unusual spirits with funky flavours, ideal for the use in the worldwide booming cocktail and bar-scene seem to become a new  German strength, several small distillers such as for instance the Deheck distillery based in Gau-Odernheim are specialized in producing unusual spirits and liquors.
The Deheck range of spirits which up until now was only available in Germany is now starting to export their products and will be presenting them for the first time ever at the German Pavillion at Vinexpo Hong Kong in May.
The Deheck spirits and liquors have already won numerous prestigious awards in German spirits and liquor competitions and offer a most diverse and exotic range of flavours, such as for instance Chocolate and mint liquor, honey melon liquor, pomegranate liquor, wild orange liquor or pistachio liquor.  They also distill a particularly innovative cassis flavoured sparkling vodka.