Trends in US restaurants for Italian wines

    Cathy Huyghe, contributor for, explains below how Italian producers develop business with consumers in US restaurants after a by the wine director Momofuku restaurant group, Jordan Salcito.

    1. Indigenous grapes: thinking indigenous grapes doesn’t necessarily means obscure grapes. Prefer Schioppettino to Sauvignon blanc or Friulano to Cabernet Franc.
    2. Lesser-known regions: consumers “are starting to understand that there is more to Italy than just two regions”.
    3. Old school production methods
    4. Size matters: “small grape mentality” means limited business.
    5. The Rosé lifestyle: “for people who maybe like the idea of a refreshing glass of wine but don’t want to have to buy into the back-story required to appreciate one of the world’s great wines”.
    6. Lack of pretence: Avoiding mysteriousness leads to easy business.
    7. Smaller, more focused wine lists: the wine just “needs to make sense with the cuisine”.
    8. Balanced wine lists: the trend of indigenous grapes and lesser-known regions has its limits…
    9. Alternative packaging: Alternative packaging (like Tetra Pak or cans) is coming into its own.
    10. Decrease in influence of critics: critics like different kinds of wines to