Trends in Rhône Valley

The Rhône Valley has recently seen a number of very successful vintages. 2015 was highly concentrated with some outstanding reds. 2016 qualifies as a perfect year, with such magnificent weather showing excellent aromatic intensity, good concentration and a deep, intense colour.

In terms of quantity, the 2016 harvest shows an increase of 1% (3 063 816 hl) compared to 2015.

85% of the AOC Rhône Valley are exported to 10 destinations. But 2016 saw a slight change in the breakdown of export destinations; the USA, the UK and Belgium are still the top three markets, both in volume and value.

In 2016, Rhône Valley wines exported 33% of the total volume and experienced a decline of 2.7% compared to 2015, reflecting the global downward trend for still wines from France.

For the first time since 2011, the area under vine has also increased by 1% to 70,729 hectares.

Vintage after vintage, the Rhône Valley wines emerge as the go-to AOC wines on more mature markets. Their positive image is reinforced by the universal appeal of this region which welcomes 14 million visitors.


  • 5 facts about the Rhône Valley vineyards:
  1. 70 000 hectares and 5300 vineyard operations
  2. Rhône Valley wines were present in 200 countries
  3. €1.5 billion in turnover
  4. 372 million bottles sold in 2016
  5. 3 million hectolitres harvested in 2016