Towards a tension in organic wine prices?

According to SudVinBio, organic wine production in the Occitania region of France in 2017 will be about 25 per cent lower than in 2016 and 35 per cent lower than in 2015, which was a “normal” year.

SudVinBio estimates a total of 700,000 hectolitres (hl) of organic wines for 2017 compared to 900,000 hl in 2016 . Frost at the end of April in the Lot, Gard, Hérault and Aude regions, followed by hail and summer drought, are the causes of this decline. Organic viticulture accounts for close to 10 per cent of the surface area of Occitania’s vineyards.

The losses will vary across geographical areas, according to SudVinBio’s estimates. The Gard will suffer close to 30 per cent of the crop lost, whereas it will be 21 per cent in the Aude. In Roussillon, the loss will be 20 per cent.

Are we heading towards a tension in the organic wine market? It is likely that some pressure will appear; the national market for organic wines continues to grow by 15-20 per cent in volume each year, but this current supply deficit could continue if the pace of conversion to organic production does not accelerate. Indeed, the regional growth potential of the surface area is 10 per cent on average per year for the next three years, predicts SudVinBio.

After a few years during which the organic wine market has seen some difficulties, it seems that the dynamics are starting to recover.