Towards a good 2018 for Prosecco

2018 could be one of the best-ever production years for Prosecco, according to the Tutelary Consortium for Prosecco DOC.

Stephano Zanette, the president of the Consortium, said that conditions in the region are almost “perfect” for all Prosecco production varieties.

“At the beginning of 2018, the unusually cold temperatures left over from the previous year worried the 10,242 winegrowers that form part of the Consortium. But the vegetative cycle of the vines has maintained these years’ average, allowing us to overcome the difficulties due to the cold at the end of the winter that last year compromised a significant part of the production,” he said.

The weather was ideal and the grapes did not suffer, unlike in other regions of Italy, where there were attacks of mildew or powdery mildew.

“The rain and the lower temperatures were exactly what we had been hoping for, for days. The forecast for the upcoming harvest is optimistic, as colder nights and a wider difference in temperatures between day and night help augment the aroma and will enhance the quality of the grapes,” Mr. Zanette concluded.