The Torres family wants to replant a 5000 hectare property with trees

In Patagonia, Chile, the Torres family acquired a property of nearly 5,000 hectares, ‘Los Condores’. In order to fight global warming and fix the group’s carbon footprint, it was decided to replant this surface with several tree species.

The reforestation will take place while respecting the nature of the soil but also the fauna and flora already present.

The Torres family’s carbon footprint reduction program has enabled it to reduce it by 25% compared to 2008.

President Miguel Torres said: “Both in Chile and in Spain, we have a large forest area that allows us to preserve the landscape and look after the environment. Planting forests in certain areas will also help us to reduce our CO2 emissions even more and go one step further in our commitment to the environment.”

Torres acquired another 740 ha Patagonian property in 2016 in Coyhaique province for the same purpose and research is currently underway to determine the most suitable trees to plant.


The photo is about Patagonia and not Torres family.