Ten Bordeaux châteaux seized in fraud investigation

French fraud investigators (OCRGDF) have frozen the ownership of 10 properties owned by the Haichang Group, which is owned by Chinese businessman Naije Qu.

After a four-year investigation led by French police, a judge is now examining the file.

The Chinese Haichang Group, which is run by Naije Qu and which has acquired 24 châteaux, mostly situated in the Libournais, is charged with “laundering of money, tax fraud, use of forgery, etc”, reported the AFP news agency, quoting the French police.

In 2014 the Chinese National Audit Office accused the company of misspending some US$43 million, although no formal charges were ever filed.

The names of the seized châteaux are not yet known.

Picture: Ch. Branda owned by Haichang Group.