Temperance the new lower-alcohol spirit

London-based distillery Portobello Road has made a gin-spired lower alcohol spirit. Bottled at 4.2% ABV, Temperance by Portobello Road, will be available to order from mid-July 2019. Temperance has been crafted especially for gin-fans who are looking to moderate their intake of alcohol yet don’t want to compromise on flavour.

A serve made with 50ml of Temperance mixed with 200ml tonic water holds just 0.8% ABV, while a classic ‘equal parts Negroni’ made with Temperance instead of Portobello Road London Dry will be almost 50% lower in alcohol and contain just 1.1 units.


Temperance, which means moderation, was created by Portobello Road Gin’s award-winning co-founder, Jake F. Burger and has been distilled using the same nine time-honoured botanicals that comprise Portobello Road Gin’s signature London Dry and Navy Strength. Jake developed bespoke techniques and added additional ingredients, such as naturally high mineral content water, botanical hydrosols and one or two secret ingredients to ensure the spirit harbours the intensity of flavour, texture and depth demanded by the modern drinker.

Portobello Road Gin’s co-founder, Jake F. Burger says:

“With the mindful drinking movement on the rise, we wanted to create a high quality low-abv spirit for discerning drinkers and tastemakers.

“Everything we do here at Portobello Road Gin is inspired by gin’s rich heritage and while we would never call Temperance a gin – as it is below 37.5% – it was important to us that the spirit retained the flavour and texture of a classic gin.

“The same level of craftsmanship has gone into creating Temperance Spirit as our high ABV gins and at the forefront of the development process was how bartenders would be working with the product. So, like our London Dry, Temperance is robust in flavour and versatile enough to be used across a wide variety of serves and cocktails. We anticipate Temperance being used as the only base spirit in long very low alcohol drinks and also as an ingredient in drinks using multiple spirits where bartenders are looking to lower the overall ABV.”