Swiss wine consumption dropped

Swiss Wine Promotion, the Swiss wine body, announced that the Swiss are drinking less wine, especially in the German-speaking part of the country.

In 2013, 39% of Swiss people said they drank wine at least once a week; in 2017, the percentage is 27%, a double-digit drop . This is bad news for business, with two-thirds of it represented by the German-speaking region, said the study. In the other language regions, figures have remained stable with 39% of French-speakers and 36% of Italian-speakers.

The Swiss drank 54.9 litres of beer against 33.8 litres of wine in 2016, an overall drop, and consumed less wine but of better quality, said the study. But only 40% of the consumers are said to be « regular consumers » (once a day to once a week) against 60% in 1999.

One of the reasons for the decline of wine consumption is the increase of beer, although people aged between 18 and 29 are more enthusiastic about wine than beer, said Swiss Wine Promotion.