Sparkling wine segment grows

Italian and Spanish effervescent wines are gaining momentum, due to their competitive pricing when compared to Champagne, this is notably the case in markets such as the US or the UK. French exports have been somewhat compensated by a rise in sales to the Asian market, specifically in Singapore, which for several years now has become the main importer of Champagen in Asia. 

From 2008-2013, France lost 8% of the global market in value terms, while Italy saw a rise of 7%. Over the same period in volume, Italy increased 4%, while France and Spain respectively lost 6% and 2% market share. France nevertheless still represents 53% of the global export market in value terms.

The top five sparkling wine consuming countries are Germany, France, Russia, the United States and Italy. Since 200 overall world sales of effervescent wines have more than doubled, with an annual growth rate of 9%.