Sparkling wine boom in the UK

UK consumption of sparkling wine continues to grow with an increase of 9 per cent last year, according to a recent study by UHY Hacker Young.

Over the period 2016/2017, sales of sparkling wine represented 34.4 million gallons, compared to 31.6 million in 2015/2016. Over the last five years, the boom is a 76 per cent increase.

‘Sparkling wines such as Italian prosecco and Spanish cava have become increasingly popular as a more upmarket alternative to still wine and as a cheaper substitute for champagne,’ the report says.

‘Sparkling wine has become increasingly democratised and sales are soaring as a result,’ says James Simmonds, head of the drinks sector at UHY Hacker Young.

However, this is also due to the development of English vineyards. ‘English vineyards have established an impressive reputation at home and abroad for their fine sparkling wines, so this is a boon for the UK’s home-grown industry,’ Simmonds adds.

Brexit could also be a factor in this faster development. ‘With the weak pound putting upward pressure on the price of imported prosecco, champagne and cava, English sparkling wine is likely to become even more appetising to consumers,’ Simmonds says.