Sarah Jessica Parker to develop a Rosé de Provence

Sarah Jessica Parker, American actress and star of Sex and the City, is collaborating with Tim Lightbourne and Rob Cameron of New Zealand winery Invivo.

“The rosé category is also on fire, so we wanted to do a rosé, which will likely be from Provence as SJP loves Provence rosé and that’s what’s popular. We’re talking to a few producers in the region at the moment,” said Mr. Cameron to The Drinks Business.

“We haven’t finalised the brand name yet but it won’t be her name and there won’t be any shoes or pink on the label – SJP was adamant about that.

“She doesn’t want the brand to look too feminine or targeted at women – they will be wines for everyone. Sarah is going to be very hands-on with the label design,” Cameron revealed.

The first wines will go on sale in September and they’ve already attracted a lot of interest from buyers in the UK wanting to buy before they have even been made.

“SJP announced the news by posting a pair of gum boots in her shoe showroom on Instagram. It got over 85,000 likes, which shows the kind of reach she has. It’s hard for most wineries to achieve that level of engagement,” Cameron said.

“It’s very hard to build a wine brand from scratch, so we want to create brands with well-known figures that fit into people’s lifestyles.

“It’s a different way of doing things, which people seem to like. We don’t have a long family history, so we needed to create our own story and we recognise that most consumers want wine to be fun and interactive.

“The industry has made wine scary to consumers so we want to demystify wine and bring the fun back. Winemakers are viewed as mystical creatures with magical capabilities, but putting a blend together is not as hard as it’s made out to be.

“We’re really picky about who we work with – it has to be the right fit for us. This isn’t AC/DC putting their name on Bourbon and Coke; it’s much more granular,” he added.