Rioja ‘s up in Spain

Rioja’s wine council, Consejo Regulador Rioja, has released its yearly report, which is extremely positive, confirming Rioja Reserva to be the fastest-growing category, for the third consecutive year, which highlights the increasing trend by consumers to trade up.

For the first time since the economic down turn the domestic market is growing again. It increased by 1.1% to reach 177.4 million liters. The total sales of Rioja reached 284 million liters in 2015 , up 1.13%. Value increased even faster, 5.33%.

Sales of Rioja wine are reaching 62.4% of the region’s total sales which is amazing given the economic circumstances.

José Luis Lapuente, the general director of the Rioja wine council commented, “Achieving this milestone in the current circumstances is due to the great strength of the Rioja brand and to the Rioja wine industry’s ability to adapt to market demands with a dynamic and innovative model which offers both confidence and security to consumers”.