Record for cognac exports

BNIC announced a record for cognac exports thanks to trade with the NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) bloc.

After an optimistic year in 2015, cognac exports continued to rise in 2016 (6% in volume and 6.8% in value). A total of 179.1 million bottles of cognac were exported with a turnover of €2.76 million.

The leading zone is the NAFTA area with 77.3 million bottles exported in 2016, with volume rising by 14.2% and value up by 14.3%.

With export volumes up by 1% (51.1 millions bottles) and value up by 3%, the Far East is stable.

In Europe, volume and value were down by 1.2% and 1% respectively, with a total shipment of 39.4 millions bottles.

At 40% of total volume, VSOP was stable in 2016 with volume up by 0.4% and value up by 0.3%.