Record for a bottle of Vin Jaune

A bottle of Vin Jaune, meaning literally ‘yellow wine’ in French, has sold for a record price of over €100,000.

One of the oldest bottles of wine in the world was sold on Saturday, 26 May, at an auction in France, for €103,700 ($121,000).

Two other bottles of the region, which had estimated sales prices of €15,000 to €20,000, were also sold, for €76,250 and €73,200.

The 102 bottles which will be put on sale are the last in the world of this unique collection.

“The buyers are Canadians,” said Brigitte Fenaux, the Jura Encheres auctioneer.

The exceptional longevity of the yellow wine of Arbois comes from its particular mode of elaboration, which consists of raising the wines “under veil”; that is to say, with a form of oxidation which transcends perfumes and limits ageing.

The wines have been lovingly cared for by eight generations of heirs of Pierre Vercel (1694-1754), whose family is known to have made wine in Arbois since the 14th century and whose Grand Commander has maintained the tradition. He had remained discreet about the number of bottles he had carefully preserved, and their location.