Quinta do Noval announces the acquisition of Quinta do Passadouro

 Christian Seely, Managing Director of AXA Millésimes and of Quinta do Noval, comments: 

“I am delighted to announce that we have acquired Quinta do Passadouro from the Bohrmann family, who have been neighbours and friends for many years. 

The vineyard of Passadouro consists of two principal parcels, both marching with the vineyard of Quinta do Noval. One parcel is in the Pinhão Valley, where the majority of Noval’s vineyard is situated, and which ranks among the greatest vineyard terroir of the Douro Valley, and the other parcel is in the Roncão Valley, where Noval also has very significant vineyard holdings, and which is also vineyard terroir of the highest level. Quinta do Noval’s Vintage Ports are sourced from grapes from both the Pinhão and Roncão Valleys, and so we know the quality of the vineyards of Passadouro that neighbour ours. 

The team of Passadouro will remain with the Quinta and will join the dedicated team of Quinta do Noval. We intend to maintain the brand of Quinta do Passadouro, which has produced some thrilling wines – both Ports and unfortified red wines – during the Bohrmann’s time there. The 36 hectares of Quinta do Passadouro added to Noval’s 145 hectares bring our total area under vine to 181 hectares. Passadouro has been lovingly cared for by the Bohrmann family for many years, and we are very happy to have been able to acquire this wonderful property, and to be able to build on the excellent work they have achieved here since the vineyard was acquired by Dieter Bohrmann in 1991. The vineyards of Passadouro will continue to be looked after by Quinta do Noval with the same devotion as before, and we look forward to producing many great wines from this very special place.” 

Ans Bohrmann, Managing Director & co-owner of Quinta do Passadouro comments: 

“We are thrilled to have found a strong new owner for Quinta do Passadouro which subscribes to our wine philosophy and will ensure the long term future of this amazing winery. 

“Passadouro started as a warm-hearted hobby-project of the family, more than 25 years ago. During this period the family was lucky to work with some of the most talented and dedicated people in the region. If Passadouro has become a strong brand with high quality products it is mainly thanks to those people. The Bohrmann family wishes to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of Quinta do Passadouro. 

The time has come to hand-over to a new owner who will build on these achievements. We believe Noval’s professionalism and renowned wine makers will ensure Passadouro’s long term success. 

Today is an emotional day, as we say goodbye to the wonderfully charming Quinta do Passadouro Winery, its amazing people and exquisite wines. We look forward to becoming true ambassadors of the new Passadouro under the Noval umbrella. We wish Quinta do Noval all the best with their projects and are proud to see Quinta do Passadouro become part of its prestigious brand family. 

The Bohrmann family will continue its activities in the wine business focusing on its Burgundy wine project: Domaine Bohrmann.”