A qualitatively good vintage said Austrian wine body

“Austria’s winegrowers are currently anticipating a quantitatively good vintage with very ripe and healthy grapes”, said Johannes Schmuckenschlager, president of the Viticultural Association. 

With favourable springtime weather, 2017 brings a lot of hope despite some severe frost. Some heavy rains permit fighting back against a hot and dry summer, resulting in a ‘very fine and fully ripe’ vintage, added Schmuckenschlager.

Austria is looking forward to a good average vintage:

  • The Steiermark (Styria), which was not heavily affected by the drought, is looking forward to a very satisfying vintage in terms of both quality and quantity.
  • – Burgenland reports a normal sized harvest with a fine quality especially in red wines.
  • – Niederösterreich (Lower Austria) and Wien (Vienna) are expecting a good, normal harvest in terms of quality.

In general, Austria estimates an average volume vintage to 2.3 million hectolitres.