Prosecco is now the best-selling sparkling wine in the world by volume

Prosecco, the sparkling wine made in the northeastern of Italy is gaining in global popularity.

The popular Italian white wine and holiday favorite has sales now growing to a point that they’re eating into the market share of Champagne, which is often sold at a much higher price point, in part due to a more difficult winemaking process.

Prosecco surpassed Champagne in production for the first time five years ago. Now, the wine has sales topping 75% more than Champagne, equating to roughly 544 million bottles, the Associated Press reports.

However, the higher price tags help Champagne still stay on top when it comes to revenue. Champagne sales hit a record 4.9 billion euros last year, whereas Prosecco had revenues at 804 million, according to the AP.

Prosecco’s lower price point though is playing a big role in its popularity. The wine has seen a 40% increase in sales in Champagne’s home country thanks to its affordability. 

The lower price has also fueled Prosecco’s growth in the United States and the United Kingdom, which have traditionally been huge markets for Champagne.