In the mirror – vodka or gin?

Once seemingly-unstoppable vodka is in decline, and as if in a mirror image, gin is on the rise, worldwide.  Unthinkable ten years ago, vodka will lose about 1.5% of global share in the run up to 2021.

By contrast, gin was always seen as a sector with little opportunity for growth: too old fashioned, too narrow in its appeal. Until the last five years, that is, when the impact of the cocktail boom worldwide -among other influences – shook up perceptions.

Now new gin brands with exotic botanicals, – over 1,000 worldwide launched. In the last year according to some sources – are responsible for a wave of fashionable gin bars stocking hundreds of brands.

Some lay the reasons for the shift on the bar trade which tired of vodka as a cocktail ingredient. At the same time drinkers, and a legion of small, entrepreneurial distillers, decided gin was ripe for exploring.

The result is that gin will show world growth of over 11% in the next five years, according to data from VINEXPO/IWSR . It’s a mirror-image reversal of the fortunes of the two white spirits.

But do not overlook vodka. The white spirit still has room for growth among premium brands.