Michelin bought 40% of The Wine Advocate

French tire manufacturer and restaurant guide publisher Michelin announced the acquisition of a 40% stake in The Wine Advocate.

The Michelin guide is one of the most influential guides in food worldwide. The Wine Advocate, founded by American critic Robert Parker, is also one of the most influential wine consumer guides in the world.

After improving their capacity to work together at some events in Asia and North America, the two firms decided to join forces.

“Working with the MICHELIN guide on events in Singapore and Hong Kong-Macau demonstrated to both of our companies how much richer and more impactful the experiences we create for our loyal readers can be when we come together,” commented Robert Parker Wine Advocate’s Editor-in-Chief and Master of Wine, Lisa Perrotti-Brown.

By a press release, Michelin announced the acquisition of 40% of the shares of The Wine Advocate.

« Far too long critics have divided wine and food into two separate areas of expertise, but now the most realistic blend of impartial, independent, unbiased, intelligent food and wine opinion and wisdom have been married for the benefit of both wine and food consumers, » said Robert Parker.

In 2012, Robert Parker sold The Wine Advocate to investors in Singapore for $15 million.