Meet the Buyer: Mme Marinela IVANOVA, Beverage Manager for The World luxury residential ship

The World is a luxury residential ship with an impressive wine collection: 1,272 labels from 20 different countries and an inventory that can reach up to 17,000 bottles. The World has been awarded three stars and Best Cellar at Sea by The World of Fine Winemagazine four years in a row.
Beverage Manager Marinela Ivanova will be attending Vinexpo Bordeaux for the first time.

Vinexpo Bordeaux: Hello Marinela! Can you tell us about The World? 

Marinela: With only 165 individual homes, The World is a one-of-a-kind residential ship. Residents from 19 countries own their individual residences, and collectively they own the ship, ensuring that the experiences – both onboard and off – are far beyond current luxury travel standards.

But what this international community shares with one another goes far beyond ownership. Each Resident has an endless thirst for knowledge, adventure and of course, travel. This thirst is not only satisfied by the ship’s itineraries, which every Resident has a voice in creating each year, but also by the special, in-depth expeditions to the most remote places of our planet and a unique Enrichment Program. The program brings on board expert guides and lecturers in various fields of expertise – diving, wine tasting, world cultures – to prepare us for each port we visit, and beyond.

For lectures and tastings on wines and spirits, last year for example we hosted Carles and Mariona Pastrana of Clos de L’Obac, Mrs. Gunhild Aasland from Arcus Distillery, and Mr. Hervé Berland of Chateau Montrose. The renowned whisky writer Dave Broom was on board while we explored the British Isles in September 2019. This year so far we have hosted Mr. Dick Grace of Grace Family Winery and plan to explore sake with Mr. Tsushima Kitahara of Shichiken Brewery while in Japan.

Vinexpo Bordeaux: Since you have traveled so much, how do you think wine reflects culture? 

Marinela: There are wines that reflect their origin and therefore the local culture.Such wines are made honoring traditional methods of viticulture and viniculture while also using modern inventions. On board The World these are the wines we are interested in, because they have a sense of place or the so called “terroir expression”.They tell the story of the dining culture and the history of the places they come from. Over the centuries of wine growing the people of the area have isolated grape varietals that suited best the climate and soil conditions, they figured out how to vinify them best and last but not least the wines paired with foods they enjoyed.

Vinexpo Bordeaux: What are your residents drinking these days?

Marinela: Our Residents have their favorites of course but they also love to explore. Among the favorites are the wines of Burgundy, Bordeaux, Rhone, Napa Valley, Oregon, Washington State, Mendoza, Colchagua, South Australia, Victoria, Margaret River, most of the regions of Italy; and then the wines and other beverages of each destination. Recently we called on the Greek Islands, so we purchased not only Greek wines but also liqueur and ouzo made with Mastic from Chios. When we travel Japan in the fall, the emphasis will be on sake. 

Vinexpo Bordeaux: What will you be looking for at Vinexpo Bordeaux 2019? 

Marinela: We look forward to meeting our partners with whom we already work, and to creating new relationships and finding new and exciting producers to feature in our beverage program.