Key facts and figures on Bordeaux wine

The Bordeaux Wine Council ( CIVB) founded in 1948, brings together representatives from the three Bordeaux wine industry families: viticulture, trade and brokerage. The CIVB’s role is to establish permanent contact between those families to help facilitate shared learnings. Bordeaux wines are sold in over 150 countries with 22 bottles of Bordeaux wine sold every second.

The Bordeaux vineyard map
The Bordeaux vineyard map, shows all of Bordeaux’s different appellations

The Bordeaux wine region counts 6600 wine growers and produces wine on 112 200 hectares of vineyards in the Gironde area. 47% of Bordeaux wines are sold through the off-trade in hyper- and supermarkets. 58ù of all wines produced in Bordeaux is sold in France, whilst the remaining 42% are exported. every year some 5.13 million hectoliters of wine are sold. The Bordeaux wine region produces 84% of red wine , 9% of dry white wine, 6% of rosé wine and 1% sweet white wine.