[Interview] : Veronique Sanders from Ch. Haut Bailly about 2016 vintage in Bordeaux

How did you live the 2016 vintage?

We lived life to the fullest in 2016!  It was a year with a succession of extreme weather conditions… and extreme emotions.

First, we felt doubts and anxiety due to an exceptionally rainy spring. Then we experienced a great relief when flowering occurred perfectly during a lucky window of sun, wind and an absence of rain. The summer was extremely dry, but we trusted the deep root structure of our vines. And finally joy arrived in September with ideal harvest conditions.

Is it a great vintage or a very great vintage?

Like 2009, 2010 and 2015, it is a unique vintage. Everything was exceptional and extreme over the year. As curious as it might seem, the result is a beautiful wine, excessively balanced, deep, elegant and silky.


From an economic point of view, do you think that prices will increase and in what proportions?

As the vintage is homogenous everywhere and the quality recognized, there may be some increases. Quite naturally, the prices will also depend on the demand coming from the domestic and export markets…