Immersion in the Beaujolais with Vinexpo Explorer

 The third edition of Vinexpo Explorer, which took place in Beaujolais (France) from September 30th to October 1st has raised enthusiasm among all the participants. This new concept was the opportunity for the 70 international buyers attending the event to create business connections with local producers, through a program of tastings, business meetings and discovery of the region. 

The 70 buyers, reflecting the diversity of the international retail market, were cherrypicked by Vinexpo to enable the 60 Beaujolais winegrowers to showcase their wines. Importers, sommeliers, e-commerce players or hotel chains, as well as experts in Beaujolais wines, all the buyers filled their order books. 

Inter-Beaujolais, the promotion organization of Beaujolais wines, co-organized the event with Vinexpo and applauds its professional and worldwide aspect. “Many buyers know about Beaujolais, but they don’t know the vineyard, the people, the wines. Vinexpo Explorer put the light on the richness of our region’s wine culture. It is not only about signing contracts: I’m convinced that the 70 international buyers are now, and forever, ambassadors of the Beaujolais”, said Dominique Piron, President of Inter-Beaujolais. 

Wayne Cho, President of WS Trading in South Korea, added that “The immersive two-day experience is a chance to discover the terroir, its diversity, and to make business”. 

 Vinexpo acted like a business facilitator by selecting key buyers and organizing targeted business meetings called One-to-wine meetings, a service that has proved to be efficient on Vinexpo’s other events. 

Maja Alves, Purchasing Director at Vintjänsten (Sweden), is very satisfied with the format of the event: “Vinexpo Explorer is a very professional and organized business meeting, where all of our different business models could easily reach nice result”. 

Rodolphe Lameyse, Vinexpo’s CEO, concluded: “The attendance of 21 buyers from Asia-Pacific, 10 from North America, 11 from Latin America and 28 from Europe-Middle East-Africa was already a success. Seeing their enthusiasm after two days of tastings and business shows that Beaujolais wines have a bright future ahead”.

This future was well represented at Vinexpo Explorer, with the participation of nine producers with less than two years of activity. They carry the Beaujolais’ cultural heritage and the values of its terroirs, and at the same time, they embody the modern culture of wine. For young producers, the return of buyers from many different parts of the world is a real opportunity. ”Buyers were attentive, curious and professional, it enabled us to make our first steps on the international markets”, confirmed Guillaume Goujon, who settled in Domaine Dupré Goujon in 2018.