Huge increase for bulk wines in China

From July to September 2017, China imported 56.29 million litres of bulk wines worth about US$47.17 million, which was a 92.92% jump in volume and a 100.74% growth in value compared with the same period last year, said China Customs.

As prices continue to rise, companies turn to bulk wines as OEM wine or ‘One Euro’ wines, which are legally imported in bulk and then labelled in China with the companies’ own labels.

Over the first nine months of 2017, Spain was the biggest bulk wine source, with 52.45 million litres (US$39 million) imported by China. Spain was followed by Chile, Australia, France, South Africa, Italy, the US, Portugal, Moldova and Germany.

Bottled wine imports during the third quarter totalled 153 million litres, worth about US$691 million.