Greek wines develop despite crisis

With its favourable conditions for producing wines, Greece’s wines are returning some encouraging sales figures.

From the bitter Retsina to silky-smooth Assyrtiki, the range is extensive and perfectly adapted to contemporary consumption styles.

From 2009 to 2016, Greek wine sales increased by 81.6% in the USA, 90.7% in Canada, 555.9% in China, 104.9% in Australia and 562% in Japan.

In the US, for example, the average price of Greek wines increased by 57,1% over the period, with the average price per liter increasing from €2.80 to €4.40.

In China, it increased from €1.75 in 2009 to €4 in 2016, an increase of 128.5%.

Despite these encouraging figures from around the world, the National Inter-Professional Organisation of Vine and Wine of Greece (EDOAO) said that 84% of Greek wine exports are within the EU. However,

“The international rhetoric and the image of Greek wine has shifted completely due to the efforts that have been made,” said Kostas Arkoumanis on behalf of EDOAO during the presentation of the results.

Dionysis Grammatikos, the Director of the Department of Vineyards and Wine at the Agricultural Development Ministry, also announced a new €4.56 million (US$5.66 million) funding program for the improvement of Greece’s wines and the marketing of wine products.