Global wine production reaches low due to severe frost

According to OIV’s published report on potential wine production in 2017, with 7.6 mha, the size of the global area under vines appears to have stabilised. In 2017, the growth of the Chinese area under vines slowed (+6,000 ha) while the size of Turkey (-20 kha) and Spain (-8 kha) decreased. In Europe, Italian vineyards grew by 5,000 ha.

Wine production was at 250 mhl, a historically low production year. Global wine production fell to 250 million hectolitres in 2017, a decline of 8.6% compared with 2016. Italy confirmed its position as the leading world producer, followed by France (36.7 mhl) and Spain (32.1 mhl). The USA and Australia had high levels of production in 2017.
In South America, while Argentina and Brazil gained average values, Chilean production declined to 9.5 million hectolitres.
South African production rose 2.6% to 10.8 million hectolitres.

For 2017, global wine consumption is estimated to be 243 million hectolitres, a slight increase in relation to the previous year. After the decline of 2008/2009, world wine consumption has resumed a positive trend. The USA confirmed its position as leader with 32.6 million hectolitres consumed, followed by France (27 mhl), Italy (22.6 mhl), Germany (20.2 mhl) and China (17.9 mhl).

International trade increased in terms of volume by 3.4% and is continuing its increase in terms of value with 30 bn euros (+4.8% compared to 2016). Sparkling wines grew to 11.2% in volume and 8.9% in value.