French wine exports in the first half of 2019

According to data provided by French customs, exports of still French wines fell by 2.2% in volume (to 5.03 million hectolitres) in the first half of 2019 compared to the same period in 2018.

By regions, the drop is mainly due to Bordeaux wines, whose export volumes fell by nearly 59,000 hl over the period (-6.5%), followed by Côtes-du-Rhône (-22,000 hl, or -6.2%) and Provence wines (-11,500 hl, or -3.8%).

On the other hand, exports of Burgundy wines increased by 13,000 hl (+4.8%), those of the Loire Valley by 10,500 hl (+5.8%), and those of Beaujolais by 7,000 hl (+10.6%).

In value, exports of still French wines increased by 3.9%, to €2.98 billion. Burgundy stands out here with a jump of almost 10% to €468.9 million, at an average price per litre of €16.62 (up from €15.85 a year ago). Languedoc-Roussillon, whose volume decline was limited to 5,000 hl (-2.2%), managed to recover with an average price of €4.72, up 8.8% over the €4.34 per litre in 2018.
Provence wines also saw a significant price increase, rising from €6.30 to €7.03 per litre, an inflation that undoubtedly partly explains the decline in volume shipped. Bordeaux wines also gained in value (€13.24 per litre instead of €12.08), which enables them, with €1.11 billion of exports, to consolidate their leadership.