Five interesting statistics from the world of wine

1. Germany imports more wine than any other nation but does not have the highest wine consumption, at 20.2 million hectolitres (hl) annually.

2. Germany imported 14.5 million hl, or 72M [ed: do you perhaps mean % instead of M?] of the volume consumed; annual per capita consumption in Germany is 29.3 litres.

3. The UK was the second-largest wine importer (13.5 million hl) and sixth-largest wine consumer (12.9 million hl in 2016).

4. UK wine production is also on the rise, and could reach 10% of UK consumption within five years.

5. After Germany and the UK, the USA is the third-largest wine importer by volume but the largest by value, at $5.6 billion annually.

Sources: OIV