Rioja exports on the rise

The export figures released by Rioja’s wine council, Consejo Regulador this year are very positive. Rioja’s exports grew by 1.2% to reach 106.6m litres in 2015, and now account for 37.6% of total Rioja sales.

The UK remains the most important market for Rioja wines, it accounts for 34.5% of total Rioja exports and reached 36.8 million liters in 2015 which is 2% more than the previous year.

The other top export markets for Rioja performed less well, but remain continue holding top positions, they are Germany, the United States and Switzerland. The same is true for Sweden and Mexico.

Yet, other markets such as Ireland, which grew by a stunning 42%, China + 34.5% and Canada +23% performed extremely well. The positive development of these markets led the Rioja Wine council to include Ireland and Canada in future marketing campaigns.