[Exclusive interview]: François Adamski and Michel Roth – Les Diners du Palais

François Adamski and Michel Roth are the chefs who will create the Diner du Palais.
François Adamski is the only chef with Michel Roth to be MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) and Bocuse d’Or.
Michel Roth, MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) and Bocuse d’Or is an internationally renowned chef and today heads the restaurant at the Hôtel Président Wilson.
What style is your gastronomy?

François Adamski: It’s traditional gastronomy, whether it’s bistro or gourmet.
Michel Roth: It’s a classic gastronomy with a contemporary style between modernity and classicism.

What are the difficulties when working with four hands?

FA: The difficulty lies in getting along with the other leader. We have already worked this way with Michel Roth, so we are used to it.
MR: It’s a great challenge. The difficulty is in not proposing common recipes, and working out who does what.

What is the place of wine in gastronomy?

FA: It is the accompaniment to a dish, but it is an accompaniment that makes it possible to sublimate a recipe.
MR: Wine is an integral part of gastronomy. It’s a bit like bread; it’s part of the French meal.

Do you create recipes around wine?

FA: We create a recipe and the wine is then structured around the recipe. We can create specific recipes for a wine, but that is more unusual.
MR: We are making more and more food and wine pairings. I first elaborate the recipe and then I call on the sommeliers to find the best match.

What are your favourite French wine-growing regions?

FA: I really like the Loire for white wines and I also like Burgundy wines.
MR: I really like Bordeaux wines, especially these last vintages, and I find that this region still produces very fine wines.

Do you know international wines?

FA: I have a little knowledge, but Vinexpo will enable me to discover some very beautiful wines.
MR: I had the chance to taste some very beautiful wines from Italy, Spain, and Napa Valley. It’s like cooking and tasting wines from elsewhere, it’s about understanding different cultures.