Excellent quality for California’s 2017 wines

California’s 2017 wine harvest wrapped up early this autumn, following spurts of summer heat and a growing season that saw significant rain throughout the state, ending a five-year drought.

While October’s wildfires in North Coast wine communities made international headlines, the state’s vineyards and wineries were not significantly affected. Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino counties, the regions most affected by the fires, grow 12 per cent of California’s winegrapes, and 90 per cent of the harvest in Napa and Sonoma and 85 per cent in Mendocino was already picked and in production at wineries before the fires.

The vast majority of California’s 2017 winegrape harvest was unaffected by the wildfires and the vintage promises to be of excellent quality ,” said Robert Koch, president and CEO of the Wine Institute.
“The outpouring of support locally and from around the world for people in the impacted communities has been phenomenal. We are saddened by the loss of lives and homes, and this will truly be remembered as a harvest of the heart. Wineries are at work making their 2017 wines and welcoming visitors during this beautiful late fall/early winter season.”