A dynamic first semester for French wine exports

Exports of French wines and spirits increased by 12% over the first six months of 2017, to €6 billion , said FEVS (Fédération des Exportateurs de Vins et Spiritueux en France). Both spirits (up 9%) and wine (up 13%) saw increases.

Wine exports totalled 69 million cases (of 12 bottles) for a total of €4 billion. These good results included sparkling wines (+10% in volume and +13% in value) as well as still wines (+5% in volume and +13% in value).

All regions saw an increase: Bordeaux (+9% in volume and +23% in value), Burgundy (stable volume and +10% in value), Beaujolais (+13% in volume and +20% in value). Provence saw important growth of 38% in volume and 43% in value.

Exports of French spirits grew by 3% in volume (24 million cases) with an increase in turnover of 9% (to €1.9 billion) . Cognac saw a remarkable increase, up 7% in volume and 14% in value, but vodka exports fell by 8% in volume and 10% in value.

Exports to North America increased by 11% in volume and 17% in value, to €1.5 billion. China, Hong Kong and Singapore saw an increase of 18% in value (€1.1 billion), up 23% for wines and 12% for spirits. Exports to the EU were up 6% in value.