Dom Pérignon will launch 2009 vintage before 2008

It’s a première for Dom Pérignon. Richard Geoffroy, chef de cave, announced the next launch of 2009 Dom Pérignon before the 2008 vintage. This is the first time that the iconic champagne brand has broken the order of its releases.

The 2009 vintage is characterized by “fruit, glorious fruit”, said Geoffroy. He added that it is a warm vintage and that “Dom Pérignon 2009 would certainly not be what it is without the experience gained while producing Dom Pérignon Vintage 2003.”

After blending the vins clairs, Geoffroy admitted that the “Pinot Noir was particularly good”.

The wine spent seven years on its lees in the cellar before bottling and release.

The last Dom Pérignon vintage released was 2006 (in 2015). Dom Pérignon did not produce a 2007 vintage.