Deutsch Acquires Whiskey Brands From 3 Badge Beverage Corp

The acquisition of the Masterson’s and Bib & Tucker whiskey brands by Deutsch was announced on Wednesday (August 02, 2017).

With the sale of its Masterson’s and Bib & Tucker whiskey brands to Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits, 3 Badge Beverage Corporation is positioning itself for new consumer product opportunities and for enhanced growth in its existing portfolio.

“This opportunity gives us a chance to further bolster our existing programs,” said August Sebastiani, president of 3 Badge Beverage Corporation in a statement. “Our deep commitment to producing quality products continues. Additionally, we look forward to continuing our efforts of exploring a variety of new and exciting categories.”

Sebastiani and his team have also launched a variety of other innovative craft spirits, including Uncle Val’s Gin, Kirk & Sweeney Rum, Pasote Tequila and Bozal Mezcal, which remain part of the 3 Badge Mixology spirits portfolio.

3 Badge Beverage Corporation is based in Sonoma, California, and was founded in 2009 by August Sebastiani. The company is inspired by a deep-rooted legacy of commitment and craftsmanship and produces a diverse portfolio of wines and spirits.