David Trone on Customer Connection

David and Robert Trone, owners of Total Wine & More, lead a knowledgeable team focused on excecuting Total Wine & More’s goal of providing an excellent selection of wines from around the world at the lowest price possible.

How do you evaluate the current state of the wine and spirits market in your country?

We spend a lot of time looking at macro trends – what categories are performing, what price segments are growing, and so on. We also spend a lot of time focused on our customers and what they are doing. Does the red wine drinker also like Scotch? Does the person who purchases an average bottle price of $15 splurge on Mother’s Day for an expensive bottle of Champagne? The more we understand about our customers and how they behave the more we will be able to ensure we are meeting their needs.

Which producer region/ country/category do you feel one should keep an eye on?

Right now the two hot categories are red blends and Rosé. Customers really can’t seem to get enough of them. Spanish wines are also trending very strongly for us right now. Perhaps the biggest trend we are seeing though is the ” premiumisation” of wine. The Customer continues to purchase up in price point so our growth at the higher price levels is very strong.


David Trone is the President and Co-Owner of Total Wine &More. David has been involved in the beer retail business since 1984 and the wine and spirits business since 1991, when he and his brother Robert opened two wine retail stores in Delaware. Over the years, the brothers added a selection of fine wine, spirits and beers and expanded into many states. Total Wine & More is the largest independent alcoholic beverage retail in the USA.