Countdown to Vinexpo Tokyo

On 15th and 16th of November, Vinexpo Tokyo will again attract a major cross-section of buyers from the land of the rising sun. Vinexpo’s Sales Director Mathieu Vanhaltst explains what makes Vinexpo Tokyo a not -to-be-missed event.


Vinexpo Tokyo is a different concept compared to our exhibitions in Bordeaux and Hong Kong. First of all, Vinexpo Tokyo is dedicated to a single and very unqiue market, the whole event is specifically tailored to the needs of the Japanese. Unlike our events in Hong Kong and Bordeaux, where visitors are extremely international, at Vinexpo Tokyo 90% of visitors are Japanese. Another distinction is that at Vinexpo Tokyo both producers and importers can exhibit, allowing for brands to benefit from the importers special relations with the local buyers. Indeed, Japan is a market on its own, it is a sophisticated, mature, and premium market. The Tokyo event allows our exhibitors to get a direct feel for the specificities of the Japanese market and to exchange with its key players. Particularly in Tokyo, with over 178,000 restaurants, the on-trade plays a paramount role. For exhibitors, Vinexpo Tokyo, thanks to its unique offer of turnkey stands is an extremely convenient event. All they have to take care of is their plane tickets, travel to the event, and shipping their wines.

This years, the event takes place on Novemeber 15 and 16 , in the Prince Park Tower HOtel of Tokyo, not in an exhibition centre, which is yet another difference compared to our Bordeaux and Hong Kong shows. For those wishing to break into the booming Japanese market and meet importers , distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and sommeliers, Vinexpo Tokyo is an absolute must!

In the late afternoon special encounters with a select number of end consumers will be possible for distributers and producers alike to note their reactions to new products and fine-tune their purchasing range  accordingly : A unique opportunity at a strict B2B event.