The Cognac body (BNIC) announced another great year as exports continue to rise.

In 2016-17, and for the third year in a row, cognac export figures showed increases , of 10.2% in volume and 15.2% in value. In total, 190.2 million bottles were exported this year, for a total revenue of 3.0 billion euros.

The NAFTA region was the leading market, with an increase of 9.3% in volume and 13.5% in value, helped by the US market, with an historic 78.7 million bottles shipped during the period. The

Far East was also very active, with 53.7 million bottles shipped (+10.6% in volume and +19.4% in value), with China leading by taking nearly 22.6 million bottles.

Europe saw great opportunities with increases of 10.1% in volume and 8.1% in value; 42.1 million bottles were exported to Europe.

Cognac of the VS quality category, driven by the US market, accounted for 51% of the volume of exports, followed by VSOP with 38% and 11% for Older qualities .

In all markets, VS exports increased by 9.6% in volume and by 15% in value, while VSOP increased by 7.4% in volume and by 9% in value. Older qualities showed significant growth, up 24.2% in volume and 23.2% in value.