According to Spanish newspaper El Pais, Cava producer Codorníu is to move its company headquarters out of Catalonia and will relocate in Rioja . The board of directors of Unideco, the parent company of Codorníu Raventós, has approved the transfer to La Rioja, where the company also owns Viña Pomal.

The company said in a statement that this was due to “the political and legal uncertainty in which Catalonia is plunged, and with the aim of guaranteeing the interest of its workers and customers.” The statement added, “The company will maintain its current operation structure across its production facilities and warehouses, as well as all of the jobs in work centres.”

Freixenet, the other big producer of Cava, is also considering moving its headquarters, should Catalonian independence go ahead. The Financial Times reports its chief executive José Luis Bonet as saying: “We cannot run the risk of being outside the European Union. Businesses need legal certainty and we do not have it right now.”