China wine & spirits imports increase

According to the China Association of Imports and Exports of Wine & Spirits, wine imports increased from January to August 2017. China imported 474 million litres of wines (US$1.723 billion) an increase of 15.76% in volume and +8.48% in value over the same period last year.

Bottled wine imports, of about 352 million litres, grew by 12.61% in volume while the value increased by 6.24% to US$1.57 billion.

France is the leading supplier, with 42.5% of market share (the average price dropped by 12.7% year-on-year), followed by Australia, Chile, Spain, USA, New Zealand, South Africa and Portugal.

Spirit imports saw double-digit growth (+23.66%) to 44.3 million litres in volume and +28.33% to US$658.8 million in value, the result, according to the report, of the strong performance of brandies.