China opens seaports to import wine from Hong Kong

Effective from 9 November, China has made all its ports accessible to wine imports from Hong Kong . This is expected to benefit more than 300 companies.

For several years, the city of Hong Kong has been a very important hub for the wine trade, providing access to China. The city imposes no customs duties on imported wine and has an efficient logistics and distribution system.

The number of ports that can now import wine has increased from five previously (Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou) to all the ports in China, suggesting a significant influx of wine to its southern regions.

Last August, customs announced that the country had imported nearly nine million litres via the five ports.

Traders registered in Hong Kong will be able to benefit from preferential measures, including a speeding-up of the customs clearance process and pre-valuation of wine duty.