Champagne for astronauts

Mumm has just developed a cuvée for Novespace‘s aerial flights, making it possible to create moments of weightlessness through parabolic movements.

Named Grand Cordon Stellar, this pinot noir Champagne has been specially designed to be enjoyed without gravity. From the sliding cork to the flutes allowing the wine bubbles to pass like ping-pong balls, the whole rests on a futuristic tube which is inserted into the bottle and allows the champagne gas to be used to drain the liquid without difficulty.

Seemingly betting as much on the coup de comm’ as on the rise of space tourism (estimated at 5 million visitors in 2030), Mumm worked for three years with the space design agency Spade to create a new ritual of tasting Champagne.

“In the absence of gravity, the liquid instantly covers the entire palate, magnifying sensations. There is less effervescence, but more roundness and generosity, allowing the wine to express itself fully” explains Didier Mariotti, Mumm’s cellar master, in a press release from the Pernod-Ricard subsidiary.