CFS sets spirits growth for China, Asia, Africa

French spirits exports reached a record high of €4.2 billion last year mainly due to Cognac which accounts for 70% of export value, reports Vinexpo as it prepares for Vinexpo Bordeaux (May 13-16)
Among the many French Cognac and spirits producers is Compagnie Française des Spiritueux. Richard Pruhlo, Managing Director, gives a snapshot of CFS activity.

Q: What is the total company turnover across all product lines
A: €10 million

Q: How many product lines do have and what are they
A: Cognac, Brandy, Other grape spirits, Pineau de Charentes and a liqueur called Chic Lady

Q: Which of the activities generates the largest turnover
A: Cognac and Brandy

Q: How much of your business is generated by providing spirits/liqueurs for clients’ own brands
A: 20%

Q: Which are you largest markets outside Europe
A: China

Q: Which are your fastest-growing markets
A: Asia and Africa

Q: What are the main challenges facing your company
A: Excessive regulation and administration

Q: Do you plan to diversify into other products
A: We are considering producing vodka and whisky

Q: How important is the cocktail trend to your business
A: Little priority or importance

Q: How do you manage sales outside France
A: Commercial actions directed from France; importers-distributors;

Company profile: Founded in 2005, CFS is based in the heart of Cognac producing country. CFS provides Cognac and spirits for own label as well as Pineau and liqueurs, all of which can be developed to suit customers’ portfolios.