The Vignerons de Buzet: committed to sustainable farming

The Vignerons de Buzet are very committed to sustainable farming and innovation. They have recently received an award, the Aquitaine eco-design trophy for their wine “Oniric” which is produced using sustainable methods and which is packaged in a light bottle, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the wine.
They have also installed “Genodics” an innovative sound system which aims at reducing ESCA fungus infections in the vineyards, by stimulating through vibrations the production of a protein which helps the vine fight against the fungus and by at the same time inhibiting those responsible for the fungus’ development. The system is based on the 35 years research of Joël Sternheimer Phd in theoretical physics and music.
The Vignerons de Buzet are also the only winery to have won a medal in each of the three BRIT competitions. Brit is short for Botanical Research Institute of Texas, each year the Institute awards wineries in its International award of Excellence in sustainable winegrowing. In 2016 the Vignerons de Buzet won the Platinium medal.
The Buzet cooperative counts 1870 hectares of vineyards in France’s Lot et Garonne province. They produce 12 million bottles per year. They have received the bee friendly certification from the European bee protection initiative promoting pollinator-friendly farming. They also use robots to analyze the quality of grapes and assess yields, use drones for tailored fertilization of the vines and even have a gym with a coach for the well-being of the company’s 99 employees. The awarded wine is Buzet’s Marquis de Hautevigne ( no added sulfites) 2014.
At Vinexpo Tokyo the Vigneron de Buzet will also launch a new product Rozet by Buzet, a rosé wine.