Britons favour super-premium spirits

British drinkers are willing to pay extra to upgrade from premium to super-premium spirit brands, particularly gin, according to a report from data and research consultancy CGA.

CGA’s brand track survey reveals that more than 43% of UK consumers now choose a high-quality drink or say they are likely to pay to upgrade to one. The figure is even higher in the 18-34 year age group, with 54% saying they would pick a premium brand.

According to the study, spirit volume sales of super-premium brands rose by 11.9% in the year to June 2017 while standard spirits volumes fell by 1.9% over the same period .
The report said that 36% of consumers order a premium mixer with a spirit every time or almost every time. Premium bottled mixers are “especially important” in gin, which is the preferred style of serving for 34% of consumers, much higher than for vodka (11%) or rum (10%).

The report concluded by saying that UK drinkers spend £92 monthly, while those drinking premium brands spend £116 a month on average.